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Videos of Men Caught Cheating

Technology has afforded victims of infidelity the ability to gather irrefutable evidence of their partner’s unfaithfulness. Armed with video evidence, cheated partners need no longer feel vulnerable and defenseless when seeking a solution to the problem.

Name and Shame

For the devastated victim of infidelity, there is ample opportunity to expose your man for the person he is. Today, numerous websites such as allow a cheated woman to post videos, pictures and profiles of the men caught cheating. What’s more, these sites receive in the vicinity of 2,500 hits a day, with up to 40 new submissions being posted on a daily basis.

The legal justification for the humiliation of these shameful men caught cheating, is that of qualified privilege. Here the victim of infidelity is merely fulfilling her duty to inform innocent potential victims as a matter of community responsibility. The videos allow potential victim to be protected from the risk of future harm.

To protect the integrity of this justification based on public policy, the terms of use demand a statement from the woman confirming that the material provided is actually the truth.

Sometimes the men caught cheating are given the opportunity to rebut the allegations, but videos proof of cheating has historically been a tough act to follow.

As an alternative to gathering the evidence themselves, concerned partners can engage one of the numerous private investigation agencies available. Usually these agencies require licensing by the appropriate government department, and are staffed with trained investigators with a background in policing or investigative techniques. They may also utilize the skills of others such as academics in the field of psychology.

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No doubt

By using videos of men caught cheating, the victim transforms themselves from a person vulnerable to the continued lies and deception of a cheating partner, to a human lie detector. They are able to review their cheating spouse’s body language that has been recorded (among other things) on the video, and collaborate this with other information to form the basis of divorce proceedings, or even the basis of a confrontation and acknowledgement with the perpetrator himself.

Credibility of adduced evidence is crucial to any healthy resolution of infidelity. Unfortunately, without video evidence, it is usually the case that the victim is so crushed with despair and suffering from such emotional abuse, that the guilty party attempts to deny and justify any submission made by his innocent partner.

With video evidence, the victim is empowered to release the proof at her will. When she has corroborated all her other findings with the undisputable video recordings, she can assume her role as ‘fly on the wall’, and defend herself against the reverse psychology that is a common guest at such confrontations.

If care is taken, the victim can construct a line of dialogue that will induce the cheating man to incriminate himself by his own words. When this is put together with video evidence, it forces the culprit to take responsibility for his actions.


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