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Getting Cheated On by an Inmate

It would seem like having a relationship with someone who is locked up in the big house would be a sure fire way to avoid getting cheated on. Dating someone who is in jail is not the fairytale romance you dreamed of when you were growing up, but things donít always turn out the way you expect them to. Besides this person has a lot of really good qualities and great big heart, and besides nobody is perfect.

There are many distinct disadvantages to having your significant other locked in a jail cell. The most glaring drawback is having the person you love absent from your everyday life. They are not there to share your good times and bad times, to give you a shoulder to lean on, and they cannot help you with keeping everything going financially. All of lifeís burdens and joys are yours to experience as if you were single and all the while having you feel the profound emptiness because you are painfully aware that you are not. It seems like a very unfair situation, especially to you, considering that most of the time a person is in jail due to their own bad decisions. It is literally a case of this person choosing whatever crime they committed over being with you.

Whatever your reasons were for standing by this person and choosing to wait for them, they made sense to you and so you wait. You wait by the phone. You wait by the mail box. You wait in line on visiting day. You wait for their release date. Your entire life seems like it revolves around this person and their situation.

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When times get really tough you have all the heartfelt words written on page after page of the paper that you paid for, to go into the envelopes that you paid for, to wait for the postage that you paid for, so that you could get your much needed dose of encouragement and reassurance of this personís love for you. They tell you how much they love you and how so very bad they miss you. They tell you in no uncertain terms how they would trade days of their lives just for the chance to be with you because you are the love of their life and nothing else matters in the whole world. These words sooth and comfort you because in your mind there is no way that they could be lying to you considering where they are. For them to take that much time to write to you and call you, it all must really be true.

Think again; most inmates have several significant others they are writing to and receiving letters and care packages from. Not only that but you are not the only one who is visiting them. They have their visits, phone calls, and letters all nicely organized to meet every one of their needs. It is very common for a person in prison or jail to be stringing along quite a few people at one time. You canít expect much else from them, they are convicts. They are people with nothing but time on their hands. They use that time to do whatever they can to get as much satisfaction as humanly possible under those circumstances. They may not be able to physically be with somebody else, but just as soon as they get out that is exactly what most of them do.

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