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Cheating Men Facts

Scores of surveys provide riveting data related to the motivations men have to cheat. Men seem have resilient egos. Even if they do not intend to be unfaithful, they view inadequacy as something to be avoided at all costs. Historically, mankind has tolerated a level of polygamy. Apart from the influence of religion and law, financial cost is really the only other deterrent.

Polygamy in Ancient Civilizations

One might think that men ought to be capable of reason and reflection in regard to their actions. However, that's not exactly how it works. The more highly evolved a species, the more elaborate are its secondary sexual characteristics. The primal urge of men is something that can be observed in nature among countless other species. The need to procreate is a priority second only to the procuring of a food supply. Human societies have dealt with the urges of men for thousands of years. Anthropological studies purport that 85% of human societies have in the past tolerated polygamous marriages.

Contributors to Infidelity

In general, the main reason men cheat on their partners is purely due to their hunger for sex. Men regularly need to find new sources of sexual satisfaction. Their ability to exercise self control is lessened in two major ways. First, a previous instances of cheating makes future cheating more likely. In other words, once a man has set precident with himself to cheat on a loved one, he'll more readily do it again in the future. Second, a lack of attraction towards their partner is also a major contributor towards infidelity. As novelty wears off over time, they could cheat.

Another noteworthy reason for unfaithfulness stems from constant nagging. In this case, the man cheats in order to take revenge on his nagging partner or to soothe his own ego. Think of this as kind of a backdoor method of regaining "alpha" status in the relationship.


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The Seasons of Cheating Men

There are four stages in relationships that are said to produce a heightened likelihood in which infidelity can occur.

  1. After the first year of marriage, a downward emotional spiral is experienced. As the novelty of being married finally wears off, men contemplate for the first time the prospect of infidelity.
  2. The period immediately after the first child is born causes a shift in the dynamics of the relationship. This is due to the transfer of attention to the newborn. As a result of this decrease in attention, the man often views infidelity as a means of satisfying his need for attention.
  3. At approximately the 7th year of the relationship, many couples have achieved the goals they set earlier, and men in particular find themselves yearning for a new experience to invigorate them.
  4. After a couple has been together for many years, their committment can become vulnerable. The man may seek out a "second childhood" by engaging in solo activities to lessen his identification with the relationship.

However, sexual behavior is largely determined by age. Although risk factors show that a couple appears less resistant to infidelity with the passing of time, a man's sex drive declines as he grows older. Needless to say, a byproduct of a decreased sex drive is a reduced likelihood of infidelity.

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