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Married men often have conflicting ideals that prevent them from achieving their goals. *These ideals do not involve alcoholism, drugs, or other forms of vices. Also, conflicts do not arise because of perceptions that are centered on financial issues that can be easily remedied by checking websites. These conflicting ideals usually arise as a result of the man's ego. Some married men think that infidelity is the route through which they can finally achieve happiness

Stroking the Male Ego

It seems logical to believe that a married man feels rather good after cheating. Marriage has a way of breaking down a man's sense of self worth. Immediately after cheating, men usually experience a sense of vitality as a result of a perceived recovery of some self worth.

Even after a married man has been unfaithful to their wife and admitted it was wrong, many still do it again (or consider doing it again). While some point to a physiological sexual hunger supposedly beyond their control, the truth is that repeat offenders often cheat to feed their ego.

Men like to take care of women who are gentle soft and submissive as this supports their idea of masculinity. Part of the illusion that cheating husbands embrace is that their wives didn't allow them the dignity of being the dominant member in the relationship.

Ironically, a byproduct of cheating is a reduced sense of dignity. Cheaters realize that their masculinity is expressed by staying committed to their wife, and not by fulfilling some fantasy with a woman who has not made any commitment.

When responsibility is taken by a person, freedom lies therein.

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The Journey of Repentance

One thing worth noting is that after men get married, they are usually much more comfortable around women and therefore project a certain attractiveness to the opposite sex.

This leads some cheating men to assert that they never intended on leaving their wife, but merely wanted to engage in a hedonistic affair of self indulgence. Women who have entered into relationships with married men have revealed that one hurtful aspect throughout the illicit affair was the knowledge that he would never leave his wife meaning their relationship had no practical future.

It is true that some men think that they are able to love their wife fully, and yet still be capable of having loveless sex with another woman. Simply put, men have less emotional integrity than women. A married man who has cheated may feel that he has never abandoned his wife at all, but merely engaged in a physical activity which in his view is irrelevant.

In the wake of most affairs, married men come to realize that the source of their confidence and stability is their commitment to their wife. Only with this realization is a future void of sexual transgression possible. It is also becomes apparent to the shamed husband that the memory of their unfaithfulness will cling to them into the future, always reminding them of their deceit. This alone serves as a heavy price to pay for most cheating husbands.

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