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Freedom is a virtue that civilized societies have long prized as a fundamental right. Although freedom can be maddening for victims of infidelity, it can also represent an avenue for resolution, forgiveness and healing.

No one else is going to stop him

One of the world’s greatest minds, Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung, referred to evil and said that “God does nothing to stop this nefarious activity and leaves it all to man (who is notoriously stupid, unconscious and easily led astray).”

Infidelity rarely has to do explicitly with sex. It usually deals with certain emotional needs not being fulfilled. This is an understandable byproduct of relationships where couples are focusing their attention on things other than their relationship such as children, career or friends.

If a man has cheated, it may be that he simply no longer values the relationship. If this is the case, it must be admitted maturely and honestly. This will allow both parties to move on with their lives.

An interesting yet radical theory is that humans, while designed for monogamous relationships, have those that are only meant to last for the length of time required to raise a child to the age of not requiring constant attention; about 4 years. At that point, the urge to move to other pastures overcomes the pair bond and the couple's relationship comes to a natural end.

In this sense there may be nothing a person can do when the man they love has been unfaithful. To restrain the freedom of an individual to make their own choices is not a genuine expression of love. Certainly one fool-proof way to stop your man from cheating is to stop expecting him not to. Put another way, "cheating" only exists because we invented it. Only when you expect your husband to remain sexually faithful to you is it even possible for him to cheat on you.

The only possible alternative apart from a healthy discussion with the cheater is to review your own perception of infidelity. The choice to adapt and change our opinions is yet another expression of natural freedom and justice.

Infidelity may be seen as betrayal, human error, insecurity in the cheating man, or even the ultimate rejection of a partner.

A woman’s reaction to infidelity can exasperate the situation and perpetuate the unfaithfulness. If a resolution is to be pursued, care needs to be taken.

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The Moral Compass of a Man

Women would be wise to confront her man and demand that faithfulness and monogamy be non-negotiable conditions of the relationship. There needs to be a clear, zero-tolerance policy on this matter before a relationship becomes serious. A meek approach to transgressions of this sort will only attract insincerity.

In this way, a man has the right to decline the invitation. And if he accepts these conditions, there is hope for a healthy relationship. In this instance the man is still free to be unfaithful but chooses not to out of obligation to his partner and the consequences for breach of the agreement. Certainly, this is a healthy union where free choice reigns in the absence of force.



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