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How to Report Cheating Men

Thanks to the internet, reporting cheating men has proved to be a simple process for victims of infidelity. It involves the posting of a profile of the cheater on a website database, which is accessible to the world at large.

Web Reporting

The purpose of reporting a cheating husband is to prevent him from hurting others in the future. The increase in online dating practices poses a number of risks for females. Efficient reporting practices of cheating men help prevent others from being taken by their lies and deception. There are large databases that store vast amounts of information on men who cheat.

Victim can then post a picture and profile of the cheating man. Most databases are searchable by name and city. Men listed in cheating databases have the opportunity to rebutt accusations of cheating. The only cost incurred by users of these web services is a small fee that is donated to charity in the event that the profile should be removed.

It is common for women to seek revenge after suffering infidelity. Cheating databases provide a value added service to victims of infidelity by allowing them to vent their frustration .

The world's largest cheating men database is at It has information on over 25,000 reported cheaters.

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The Legal Issues

The saying "don't believe everything you read on the internet" isn't without basis in a situation like this.

In situations where a woman has reported a cheating man to a database, many of the men have threatened to sue. In this event, the issue of defamation arises, and the burden of proof remains on the defendant to prove that the statements made were true. Be careful to weigh such consequences before releasing information about someone on the internet.

Reporting a cheating man to an internet basis is a very delicate issue. Ideally, the matter should be worked out privately. While it is understandable that one would seek some level of revenge on a cheater, publicly defaming them could come back to haunt. It is advisable to seek a route of forgiveness. In this way, the victim of infidelity can move on with their life as quickly as possible.


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