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In Love With A Jerk

All men act like jerks from time to time but being in love with a man who is a jerk can drive even the most, sane women to new depths of loathing and anger. The funny thing, is that, the woman has to be a little insane to begin with because even after she realizes what she has got herself into she stays for a while.

The jerk is usually good looking, he has to be, or it would be more difficult for him to get any positive attention. Unattractive men are ordinarily not jerks but they can have a whole lot of other problems to be aware of. A jerk is the guy who does the irritating things to annoy, frustrate, or bother other people. Jerks love to feel like they got the last laugh on someone or that they have the upper hand in a situation. A jerk will push, and test the limits of the woman who loves him at almost any chance he gets. This kind of man is not malicious or trying to hurt anybody, he is just caught somewhere between childhood and adulthood and he doesn’t mind a bit. Despite the fact that this type of guy is not trying to cause any real harm his behavior can do just that if he goes too far with it. For example: He can be out with his wife or girlfriend and notice an attractive woman, instead of being discreet about his reaction, he will actually exaggerate his reaction so that, not only his girlfriend’s attention is called to it, but so is everybody else’s that happens to be around.

It is not surprising that these men can get women to fall in love with them because they know how to use this flaw in their personality, to their advantage when they need to. The problem is keeping the woman in love with them. Jerks are easy to fall in love with because their behavior is funny and entertaining at first. A jerk does not normally aim his jokes or pranks at people he just meets because he doesn’t get the same reaction. Those people lucky enough to be his friends or family have been putting up with him for so long that it doesn’t take too much time for him to get the kind of reaction that he thrives on from them.

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A jerk will go out of his way to prank everybody around him when he first meets a woman he is interested in because he believes it impresses her. He commonly gets the attention he was after and the relationship begins. Slowly as time goes on and the jerk gets more comfortable with this woman she becomes no longer immune to his idea of fun. As the woman continues to feel like she is being disrespected and that her feelings are not taken seriously she will find herself very frustrated and exasperated. It’s hard to leave the jerk at first because he really does mean no harm, but in the end he pranks himself right out of the relationship.

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