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How to Deter a Man from Cheating

Every man has some certain propensity to cheat. On one end of the spectrum, you've got trashy men who will almost certainly cheat no matter how great of a relationship they've got. The circumstances don't matter: these men have some void in their lives and the odds of them trying to fill it via infidelity are incredibly high no matter what you do. On the other end of the spectrum, you've got super-loyal men. But even the most loyal man has some nonzero chance that he will be unfaithful. If you look at the 100,000 most loyal men currently in a relationship, there's a decent chance that at least one of them will commit an act of infidelity in the next year. So even if an incredibly loyal man has only about a one in 100,000 or even one in 1,000,000 chance that some strange set of circumstances would arise that lead to him cheating, it still could happen. Random, long-shot occurrences happen all the time.

Most men are not on one end of the spectrum or the other. Most men all somewhere in the middle where they probably won't cheat, but if some particular set of not-exactly-freakish circumstances present themselves, they might lose judgement in a moment of weakness and commit an act of infidelity.

The key is to make it harder for your man to use poor judgement when these outlandish situations present themselves. Indeed, a relationship is a nonstop series of work that both parties must actively participate in to create success. There are certain behaviors you can do that will make your man more likely to justify committing an act of infidelity and there are other behaviors that will make him less likely to do so. Let's focus on some ways to make it less likely that he would put himself in a position to make a disloyal decision:

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Keep Him Sexually Satisfied

This is a big one. A man who feels sexually satisfied in his relationship is much less likely to seek satisfaction from an outside party. Like it or not, part of keeping a man sexually satisfied is keeping him sexually attracted to you, and part of keeping him sexually attracted to you is by staying in shape and avoiding extreme weight gain from the time your relationship began.

Let Your Thoughts on Infidelity be Known

Without bringing it up out of thin air, let your man know that you don't tolerate infidelity. When a man knows that his wife or girlfriend might literally castrate him if he cheats on her, you'd be surprised how much he is deterred from entertaining unfaithful thoughts. Don't just come out and say, "if you cheat on me, I'm going to cut your balls off," but when the right situation presents itself, like for example, a conversation about someone who recently cheated on their partner, use that as a bridge to say, "if you ever did that to me I would use your penis as a noose and hang you." Don't be afraid to use a graphic threat like that. Give him an image he'll remember. This method also lets him know that you hold a zero tolerance policy on cheating and that there are no gray area situations in which he might be able to talk himself into a bad decision.

Just Be a Great Girlfriend/Wife

The #1 reason men cheat is because they feel some sense of void in their relationship. They might be sexually satisfied, but feel like they're dating someone who is negative or not supportive. This might lead them to seeking out a relationship with someone who is positive and has more self-esteem. A man who has no complaints about his relationship is a man who is much less likely to justify being unfaithful.

Be Wholly Loyal to Him

If you've given your man any reason to believe that you might cheat on him under the right circumstances, he'll be much more likely to cheat on you. Inevitably, he'll find himself in a situation to cheat and will think, "well I might as well do it, for all I know she's cheating on me anyway." Even if you're not cheating on him but have behaviors that, in his mind, seem like put you in a situation to cheat, his imagination can do the rest. For example, if you're flirty with other men or go out drinking with friends and stay out pretty late, these types of behaviors are easy to blow out of proportion. To you, it might just be harmless flirting or girls night out, but to him it might be pretty easy to think you're being unfaithful.


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