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Prevent Infidelity By Fulfilling Fantasies

Do you want to make sure you keep your husband or boyfriend's eyes from wandering to seek the fulfillment of fantasies beyond those your own personal identities might easily fulfill? Ever happen to see him glancing intriguingly at an airline stewardess or cheerleader? Help him overcome his fantasy wanderings while having some epically enjoyable fun with him at the same time! You might find you like it even more than he does.

Here are some fun and creative ideas that you can surprise him with at home. The first time he may be completely floored and agape with utter joy and happiness. You will likely be taking your relationship to another level completely and he will likely never want to ever let go of a partner who is so much fun. Always remember to tailor the experience to his personal tastes.


Okay, in a western country the cheerleader is an archetype that is ubiquitous in costume fantasies. It is likely that any man who is into sports is also attracted to cheerleaders to some extent. Surprise him by dressing up in a cheerleader outfit and your special guy will likely flip out. It is almost definitely a huge win for your relationship. He will likely never forget what you have done for him and will probably always think of what it is like to be with you rather than fantasizing about other cheerleaders when he sees one.


So you are on a flight and he glances at the stewardess in a way that seems a little randy? You can set up your own “Mile High Club” at your present altitude by getting yourself a stewardess outfit and surprising him with a visit between flights. Just make sure you have the cute hat and scarf, they go a long way to completing the look. Just be a courteous concierge and let things go from there. You can feel free to unfasten your seatbelts for this flight. It is certainly one he will never forget.

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French Maid

Yes it is another classic. It's always nice to have a French Maid turn down the covers while you slide into a cozy bed. This is one that is sure to be a big hit with just about any man on Earth. Whether he is into classical music or sports, the French Maid is sure to please.

Candy Stripe

He may need some sensual healing and a nurse like you could certainly be the answer to his stress relief. If you want to give him some really sweet and tender nursing care, then go grab a cute pink nurse costume with an appropriately cute short skirt to sooth his sensuality into a wonderful night of relaxing recovery.

Hopefully this list of playful ideas will be perfect for bringing your love to a whole new level. Just make sure to keep it between you and him, no need to broadcast your fun. It's actually part of the fun to keep it private. This way you can share something special with him for years to come.

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