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Quizzes to see if My Man is Cheating

The participant is to take three quizzes, each comprising of 25 questions.
The answers are to be either Yes or No for each.

Calculate the number of ‘Yes’ answers given and divide that number by 3.
The following table is to be used to evaluate the results.

If your score is:

Less than 5 - no real reason for concern based on this information – seek another explanation
for your suspicions
5 – 10 - possibly need to spend more time together communicating
10 – 15 - need to clarify mutual expectations of the relationship
15 -20 - need to discuss issues directly and make changes and compromises
Over 20 - very likely he is cheating and termination of the relationship must be
considered if no other solution exists

Quiz 1

1 Have you been with your partner longer than 1 year?
2 Do you have children?
3 Are you financially independent of each other?
4 Do you have sex less than once a week?
5 Is the difference in your ages more than 8 years?
6 Is he self conscious about his body?
7 Is he an outgoing confident person?
8 Do you share opposing views in regard to relationships and commitment?
9 Are you both pursuing separate careers?
10 Do you spend less than 3 hours a day together?
11 Does he drink alcohol?
12 Does he use drugs?
13 Is he comfortable with other women?
14 Has he cheated on you in the past?
15 Have you ever cheated on him?
16 Has he cheated on anyone in the past?
17 Have you cheated on anyone in the past?
18 Do you spend your free time with other people?
19 Does he spend more than 3 hours a week away from you with his friends?
20 Do you spend more than 3 hours a week away from him with your friends?
21 Does he contact or spend time with work people outside of work hours?
22 Does he work out away from home?
23 Has he ever surprised you during sex and asked you to try a different sexual position?
24 Have you established finances being spent with no apparent reason?
25 Has he suddenly started taking an interest in his appearance?

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Quiz 2

1 Does he fail to tell you that he loves you on a regular basis?
2 Is he uncomfortable with public affection e.g. holding hands?
3 Does he go out with others in your absence?
4 Has he mistakenly called you by another name?
5 Has you sex life changed at all?
6 Is he unable to be contacted sometimes?
7 Has he recently changed his attitude to family activities?
8 Does he look at other women?
9 Have you ever had to search for where he is?
10 Has he turned up late with no appropriate reason?
11 Does he fail to do things for you to show his affection?
12 Does he fail to touch you affectionately?
13 Does he wrongly accuse you of cheating?
14 Does he cause arguments and leave?
15 Does he fail to call you when he is away from home?
16 Does he avoid looking at you when you speak to him?
17 Does he have a lot of disposable income?
18 Does he keep his finances to himself?
19 Has he received gifts recently?
20 Has his mood changed lately?
21 Does he ask after your interests?
22 Has he raised the issue of whether it is possible for a person to love more than one person?
23 Does he speak on the phone in private?
24 Have you ever come home to find the any part of the house unusually tidy?
25 Does he do his own laundry?

Quiz 3

1 Does he have private passwords, email accounts, lockers, etc.?
2 Does he work late?
3 Does he come home intoxicated?
4 Does he spend the night elsewhere?
5 Does he travel without you?
6 Does he prefer to spend time with others rather than you?
7 Does he fail to share intimate discussions with you?
8 Has he lost interest in doings things around the home?
9 Does he have anything locked or hidden away?
10 Has he ever said that you have something wrong with you?
11 Does he lie to you?
12 Have your mutual friends begun to act differently?
13 Has his family begun to act differently?
14 Has he given you gifts that seemed slightly inappropriate?
15 Has he ever smelled of perfume?
16 Has he ever suggested a threesome?
17 Does he view pornographic material?
18 Does he fail to support your interests?
19 Has he changed his appearance?
20 Is he more confident lately?
21 Has he stopped touching your body affectionately during sex?
22 Is he considerate and attentive to you during sex?
23 Does he fall asleep or go away straight after sex?
24 Does he fail to wear his wedding ring?
25 Is he ashamed of you?


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