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A Sensual Schedule That Can Prevent Infidelity

Keeping your husband happy with a spectacular night of making love on a regular basis can be a wonderful way to keep him happy and coming back to you for more, rather than seeking fulfillment elsewhere. If your husband feels that you are ready to make him feel appreciated and relieve his stress in the process, then there is much less reason to go looking elsewhere for sensual gratification. A regularly scheduled night of uniquely spectacular love making can go a long way to sustaining a healthy relationship.

Let's get an overview of the key ingredients for keeping him feeling fulfilled on a regular basis.


It's really all about making him feel loved. What men are really seeking in making love is something that is often evident that they don't even realize they are seeking. There is nothing quite like the woman you love passionately pulling you into her and wanting more, nor is there anything like the woman you love watching your every response to her stimulation with the sincere desire to pleasure you to the fullest. This is the physical expression of love and devotion. This is what will literally melt just about any man and keep them satisfied.


Availability is often the measure of the sincerity of your love. Your husband innately knows this. If you are ready to drop anything important and make passionate love on the kitchen table, then you are seriously in love. Not all men require this level of spontaneity, but doubtful that any would complain. A great way to keep him from looking for someone more sensually spontaneous is to be the most spontaneous woman around.

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A regular night of amazing love set aside once a week or, at the very least, once a month is a wonderful and wise way to keep him happy. Keep it to once a week or more, unless you already have children in the house and it is difficult to arrange because of this. If he knows that you will be making madly passionate love to him on a certain day, then he will very likely be looking forward to that day every other day. If he isn't, then you need to turn it up a notch or more. Lastly, never be the one to skip a scheduled day of making love.


Do whatever you can to enhance the visual pleasure of your special night together. If you are shy, then there are many ways to still make love without turning off the lights completely. Use of special lighting or candlelight can likely enhance the experience for both of you. Dressing in a sensually arousing way is attractive to many men. In all honesty, the undergarments you wear on a daily basis are an extremely important aspect of your visual desirability to your husband. If he looks forward to watching you undress every day then you know he is less likely to look elsewhere.


Sensuality is an art form. The ways of pleasuring your partner are many and the skills involved are something you may thoroughly enjoy developing. You may want to study skills specific to making love on the internet or similar methods, or even take a belly dancing class or other such sensual tradition. You may find it actually gets you more in touch with your own femininity in a new and wonderful way.

Remember that availability and regularity are really the key ways in showing the sincerity of your love. A man would likely do just about anything during the day if he knows that night he will be lovingly and sensually gratified beyond his wildest dreams.


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