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Sharing Your Guy

The idea of sharing your guyís attention and affection is almost funny. You know that you would never be okay with your guy splitting his time with another girl. And fantasy or not, he better never ever bring it up to you, there is just no way. You could see yourself leaving him before you would ever tolerate that kind of disrespectful behavior.

Other than knowing for absolute sure that you would never share your guy, the subject really never comes to mind, except for when some unfortunate friend of yours brings it up by telling you about how she found out the unthinkable; her guy cheated.

Then one day the subject hits a lot closer to home, but you have no idea how close for a while. You may be going along in your relationship. Complete with its ups and its downs, you may even flirt with the idea of leaving it to find something or someone who you think will make you happier. In reality, you never intend on leaving what you have with your guy. It is definitely not the best relationship in the world, but itís yours, and as far as you know, neither one of you is going anywhere.


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Until, the last time, you leave after a fight, thinking all the while that this will be just like all the other times. You will leave, both of you will start missing each other and youíll come back and be really happy for a while, until the next time. But this time somethingís a little off. This time there is no resistance coming from your guy. This time he seems too calm and content with letting you go. So you take it a step further and say itís for good; and he lets you go without a fight. Now you know there is something very wrong and you realize that whatever you were fighting about has nothing to do with whatís really going on.

It doesnít take long for you to find out that he is actually seeing someone else. When you confront him, he lies and tells you that she is just a friend. You want to believe it so bad that you decide to act like you do. As the weeks turn to months since youíve been gone, you become sure that he will be asking you to come home any day now. But instead of asking you to come back, he does things that put more distance between you than ever.

Then you get confirmation that his new relationship is in full swing, and now you can no longer deny the truth. But what you do next, surprises you to your core. You start fighting for your man. But not in the traditional fist fight kind of way. You start trying to win him back while he is still seeing the other woman. At first you donít technically feel like youíre sharing him, but that is exactly what it becomes. Your guy promises to stop seeing her, and tries to work things out with you. But eventually he stops making the effort to hide what heís doing and you find yourself going along with it because youíre determined not to give up.

At this point the only thing to do is give up. Cut your losses and walk away a winner. Once a guy has crossed this line and doesnít lose you, youíll never get him to go back behind that line. So you have two choices, walk away, or share your guy.

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