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Signs of Cheating Men: Behavioral Changes

Tracking communication patterns in relationships can be an effective way of pinpointing whether or not someone is cheating.

Infidelity is Bribery

Research has shown that almost all women perceive the behavioral alarm signals that become apparent when their partner is cheating. But often they ignore these due to gender differences that make them hyper-tolerant to unacceptable male behavior. A woman who displays acquiescence to this degrading treatment becomes viewed upon as a person receiving a bribe. She immediately becomes inferior. By silently accepting this treatment, she disrespects herself and loses more than merely the betrayal of her trust.

Red Flashing Lights

When a man is cheating, his behavioral changes are usually subtle. They give only a general sense that something is not quite right. When you notice him picking fights, being increasingly unappreciative, being overly critical, distant and non communicative, these may be signs a man is cheating. He will be overly critical of you as a way to subconsciously justify cheating on you.

Apart from spending less time with you and being less affectionate, a change in temperament will usually accompany feelings of guilt. He will become unnecessarily defensive when communicating with you. It will seem as if he is trying to run despite the fact that no one is chasing him.

Modern cognitive therapy has found that a person’s beliefs, thoughts, perceptions and memories have a direct effect on how they behave. Signs of experienced cheating men can include him telling you that there is something wrong with you coupled with a number of unexplained absences. He may even display a reluctance to get angry with you. He could be avoid confrontations with you for fear that you'll vocalize suspicions that he is cheating on you.

These signals indicate that his covert actions are occupying his mind. By continuing to be a cheating husband, he is robbing himself of peace of mind.

However, a word of warning to the complacent: if your man gets actually becomes accustomed to the challenge of accepting his actions. What may have been a temporary error in judgment could very well develop into a way of life.

In general, women talk way more than men. They speak about 20,000 words per day compared to just 7,000 for men. What's interesting is that when a man is lying he will utilize far more vocabulary than usual. After releasing a large volume of information that leaves the listener disorientated, he will often resort to injecting humor which usually only further confuses the innocent victim.

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Exercising Caution

Studies show that in 80% of cases where a women intuitively felt that their man was cheating, she turned out to be correct. But even just a 20% chance of being wrong is significant in a treasured relationship. It is advisable to avoid pulling the "cheating" alarm without substantial reason to believe he is cheating. Evidence of infidelity is endless, so caution should be exercised before jumping to conclusions. Sometimes what seems like signs he is cheating turns out to be nothing more than innocent changes in your partner’s behavior.

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