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Signs of Cheating Men: Business & Money Matters

Love or Money

You can be as romantic as you like about love, but don’t ever be romantic about money. This may be a sad indictment on love and romance, but there is evidence that people who earn more money are more likely to cheat than those earning less. Even more astonishing is the fact that the reason for this is not due to an ability to afford the expense of showering gifts on a mistress, or the cost of a ritzy hotel. It is theorized that people with less earnings are more reliant on their partner and the relationship and feel they have much more to lose by cheating. Essentially, lesser income people tend to value their relationship to a greater extent.

So if you want to know how to catch a cheating man, one of the first issues to evaluate is the degree to which he is financially dependent on the relationship.

This is an interesting conundrum for the suspicious partner. If her man does in fact depend on the relationship financially, it is due to him not earning a great deal of money. One might not ever know how much =he genuinely values the relationship until he is able to make a choice free of economic considerations. In the event that he is financially independent, research shows that suspicions regarding infidelity are likely to be well founded.

Other ways to tell if your man is cheating include if he has any unexplained payments on his bank statements, or suddenly has more cash on hand for no reason. If he has unexplained receipts in his wallet or cell phone bills that are unusually high, these too may be signs that your man is cheating.

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One hand doesn’t know what the other is doing

Although speculative, there is evidence to suggest that a men who are late and careless with paying bills will be equally irresponsible with relationship.

For those who enjoy the intrigue of a complex personality, here's a wild finding: it would seem intuitive to think that men who display great benevolence, devote much of their resources and time to charity and other noble endeavors would be much less likely to cheat, right? The frightening truth is that cheaters often excuse themselves by using forms of charity to continue along the merry path of infidelity and dishonesty toward their partner.

The shift in the power balance between males and females over the past three generations has altered not only relationships, but also the capacity of women to be just as financially independant as their male counterparts. Dishonesty about spending habits a problem in 33% of committed relationships. This is a disparaging sign for a relationship as financial infidelity often accompanies sexual infidelity.

Love is a Balance Sheet, and I’m an Accountant

The same thing may hold different consequences for different people. Some men may see a relationship itself as incurring some kind of cost, or price to be paid, in return for some benefit accrued. In return for their commitment and finances, they may see the benefit received being that of the affections of their spouse – sexual or otherwise.

Without the relationship, the man would incur the expense of satisfying himself by alternative means. In the end, it's hard to top the emotional satisfaction of a committed relationship. Men whose needs tend to be less sexual and more about companionship should prove less likely to commit acts of infidelity.

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