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Signs of Cheating Men: Changes in Appearance

Here are some down-to-earth guidelines to follow regarding whether or not you're dealing with a cheating husband. There is a lot of hysteria out there that makes people believe their spouse is cheating when in fact they've done no such thing. Follow these rational guidelines to reach the truth.

He is Definitely Cheating:

Male peacocks like to flash their feathers as a way to court prospective mates. Human men have a similar tendency when trying to get with a lady who has caught their interest. A tell-tale sign of a cheating man is if his wardrobe, grooming habits, or personal hygiene undergo some type of significant alteration. To be specific, if he stops wearing his wedding ring or shows up with lipstick on his collar, these are sure-fire signs that your man is cheating.
A cheating husband will buy new clothes, fashion a new hairstyle, and start visiting the gym in order to change his appearance to suit a woman he is courting.

He May Not be Cheating:

However, there is some evidence to suggest that a concern for outward appearance is not exclusively reserved to men who are cheating.
It is plausible that he is concerned with his appearance for the sake of his income. Certainly, attractive and younger-looking men make more money on average.

The culture of mankind throughout history has consistently linked physical apperance to moral worth. For evidence of this, see fables such as the Ugly Duckling, Pygmalion and Cinderella.

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In the early 20th century, the inferiority complex was purported by Italian psychologist Alfred Adler. He believed that mental health and physical appearance was inexorably linked.

These arguments may not support signs that your man is cheating. But at the very least, he is suffering from conditions that hamper the most well-centered of individuals: a need to appear physically attractive.

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