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Signs of Cheating Men: Changes in His Attitude Toward You

Has he got attitude?

Attitudes are enduring beliefs or opinions that cause people to respond to another in a particular manner, and the process of changing attitudes is known as persuasion.

Research has shown that the key ingredients for persuasion to take place are the source, the message, and the audience. However, cognitive dissonance theory explains that when people experience tension due to their behavior, they often adjust their attitudes in order to reduce that tension.

Plainly, people often take the most convenient attitude in consideration of the actions they have committed. This is no less true when a person is wondering how to tell if a man is cheating.

If you notice your man exhibiting blaming behavior, or falsely accusing you, this may be accompanied with further negative projections in your direction and even the reverse psychology of him blaming you for having an affair.

Petty arguments over factual periods of time, rejection of your affections when you try to satisfy him, and lots of lies and excuses may also be signs that your man is cheating.

Of course, mankind’s largest aptitude for change lies in men’s attitudes to women, and in women’s attitudes toward themselves.

An unexpected declaration that he is ‘going out tonight’, or ‘I need some space’, is certainly debilitating for the hardest of female hearts, but what is actually of crucial importance is what the woman believes of herself. Without a healthy self esteem herself, the victim of infidelity is not only liable to actually tolerate this gross mistreatment, but is also in grave danger of severe emotional damage from a man who is most likely suffering from emotional damage and self doubt himself. The blind leading the blind, can only result in both groups of people being hurt.

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Guilt and its signals

Guilt is part of the human conscience like physical pain is a gift of self protection. Without it we would continue to damage others without the slightest reflection as to the merits of our actions.

Due to the guilt that a unfaithful man may be predisposed to feel, he initially may appear unusually attentive to his partner. But eventually will display a definite change in attitude toward everyone in the home. Often the justification will be that the partner has precipitated the infidelity due to her shortcomings.

To predict the future, we need logic but we also need faith and imagination. Sometimes our faith and imagination defy logic itself, and this is the wonderful aspect of our humanity. Both the cheater, and the cheated, display qualities of clumsiness and fumbling, in order to resolve an issue within themselves that is not only damaging to another, but self destructive as well.

The lunacy of asking the person you are cheating on ‘do you think it is possible to love more than one person at a time?’ may be apparent to an already vigilant partner. However, in the eyes of the perpetrator it is a step toward justification. Reluctance by the victim to address her suspicions and reluctance to accept the consequences however devastating they may be is equally self destructive as the damage continues in a never ending cycle.

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