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Signs of Cheating Men: Home and Family Clues

This article exposes the practical consequences of infidelity when they intrude on the day to day life in the family. It bluntly reminds the reader of what a family unit ought to be, and illuminates some of the destructive ramifications that may manifest themselves in innocent victims of infidelity such as children.

Family life

“A man in the house is worth two in the street” , or so Mae West said, but humor is absent when a person’s family is stained by the murky waters of infidelity. Approximately 40% of marriages have experienced infidelity. Considering that families are intended to provide its members with protection, companionship, security and socialization, this stark modern truth is truly alarming.

The victim of infidelity may notice less time spent by their man at home. And when he is present, he is found distracted and day dreaming at odd times. Phone calls to his place of work will yield that he is unavailable. A sudden spate of work related functions that exclude you from their attendance will make themselves apparent.

While at home, he may develop the habit of answering phone calls in private, and may even have the insensitivity to inquire more persistently about your very own routine and schedule.

There may be more money than usual provided by him, or the opposite may be true when you notice unwarranted and unexplained withdrawals from the bank account have depleted the family savings.

Reluctance to attend gatherings with extended family, or even a change in your relationship with his family may be a sign to know your man is cheating. Similarly, mutual friends may start acting differently toward you.

If your man suddenly decides that child seats and toys are to be kept out of his car, this is a classic case of his shame in regard to the family, and one of the many signs that a man is cheating. He may even decide to help you with the laundry, and relieve you of the discomfort of finding evidence of unfaithfulness on his clothing.

Day to day family life is hectic, and to usefully consider clues within the family, a record or journal should be maintained in order to ensure thoroughness and precision. It also will serve as a basis of objectivity with regard to any suspicions that may be held.

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From ancient times, the family unit has served as the crèche for nurturing children. When infidelity occurs between couples with children, it impacts the entire family. Children may be scarred by the experience to the point that in later life they too may have difficulty forming healthy, trusting relationships. Sons may grow up betraying their wives and daughters may grow up accepting infidelity as normal. Clearly, this is wrong.

Of course some women maintain a façade, and come to an agreement with their cheating husband. They live separate lives, in separate bedrooms, while cohabiting in the same home, often for the sake of the children. While a noble goal, this solution doesn’t resolve the betrayal of trust the infidelity has inflicted, and can only be implemented by both parents creating a parallel universe, that not only deceives the children but maintains the deceit as between them.


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