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Signs of Cheating Men: Jewelry and Other Gift Clues

The giving of a gift is an expression of affection, and sad as it may be, in cases of infidelity this affection is often misdirected to a third party. The marvels of electronic commerce allow a frank and accurate exploration of these possibilities as expenses are questioned and accounted for.

Establishing the Facts

If you know what to look for, you won’t have to go too far to find many signs of infidelity in men. Unquestionable evidence is often provided by the cheater himself, purely from what he gives and receives.

In today’s modern world, the spending habits of any individual are traceable by way of a trail, either electronic or in paper form.

Bank account and credit card statements can show exactly what transactions have taken place. Receipts are also a confirmation of a transaction having taken place, and the physical presence of a gift found under your investigation, well, that is as conclusive a proof of mischief as you will ever find. Particularly if it is found and then not later received by victim of infidelity, this is a dead giveaway that a man is cheating.

However, apart from finding the evidence that these financial transactions took place, it is then necessary to qualify them by identifying what the items are, and for what purpose they were purchased. It would be unfortunate to eventually find out that he has bought his loving mother a pair of ear rings for her birthday, only to be accused of having an affair. Each item needs to be investigated individually to ensure that every possible excuse is verified.

If after a thorough search, a plausible explanation is still unavailable, the inevitable truth may be that your man is cheating.

Particular dates during the year bear importance for this kind of inquiry. There exists a number of traditional gift giving seasons, where the sheer number of gifts and recipients may become confusing.

For example, the period before and after Valentines may reveal either a hidden gift or the transactions thereof. Sometimes, two identical gifts are purchased, one of which is intended for the victim, presumably.

Alternatively, receipts or transactions may be found, that don’t correspond with the gifts the victim has received, or gifts that are legitimately accounted for. Here lie reasons for alarm.


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The Process of Elimination

Gifts of a specific nature are certain to incriminate the culprit. Lingerie given to another woman, whoever it is, is most definitely inappropriate and would no doubt be accompanied by the most creative explanation.

Equally, a new found propensity to purchase articles of a personal nature would seem odd if he had not indulged himself in the same manner prior to that time. In this case, a receipt or proof of transaction would be needed to eliminate it from the obvious conclusion to be drawn.

The cost and type of gift is certainly relevant to any thorough investigation, however, notice needs to be taken to time stamps on recipts. Querying a time stamp can allow a reflection of the events of that particular day, and serve to support other evidence.

In the matter of a restaurant bill coming under scrutiny, a simple verification of the time stamp will clarify if this was a meal taken at midday or evening, and can be cross referenced with the other information that has been gathered.

A partner guilty of an affair will usually display multiple signs of this heinous act. Corroboration is necessary for certainty to be had in the matter. In this regard, a tolerance for painstaking fact finding is required, along with an objective approach to establishing the facts.


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