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Signs of Cheating Men: Changes in Sexual Behaviour

The following is a bold description of what changes in bedroom activity could be an indicator of infidelity.

Has the Novelty Worn Off?

Generally, people in monogamous relationships engage in sexual activity more frequently than others, but the frequency declines in direct correlation with the period of time they have spent together. If you have noticed a lack of sexual interest by your man, or even an abnormal sexual interest, they could be signs that he is cheating.

How to know if your man is cheating may well be obvious if he is aggressive in bed or is wanting to try new sexual positions that neither of you have ever discussed before. He may have learned these moves elsewhere.

Natural Selection

From a social standpoint, we have developed an acceptance of the premise that humans are monogamous creatures. Yet experts in evolutionary psychology use Darwin’s theory of natural selection to disprove this assertion somewhat.

It’s been said that vital genetic traits such as hunger, which is necessary for life, have been passed through the genetic pool due to their absolute priority. Along with this priority, lust, the motivation to procreate in order to ensure the survival of the species is of equal importance. So it is said to be quite natural for humans to evolve with a more liberal approach to fidelity than once was thought.

In today’s society, the guiding hand of natural selection is helping us spread our genes through our ever shifting social attitudes toward relationships, and our increased acceptance toward a sexualized society.

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Sex Drive

Research on sexuality shows that sexual behavior is strongly linked to cultural influences and the self esteem of the individual. While highly complex and applying only to an individual, a person’s sexual capacity is reliant on numerous physiological and psychological factors. It is also dependent on opportunity. In other words, there is a certain element of randomness to a person's sexuality. Hence the term "getting lucky".

Relationships in which there is a distinctly different sex drive between the two individuals is a foundation for infidelity.

Still, if not for the collective social conditioning that we all are subject to, every relationship would fall victim to the mismatch of sex drives, as the libido of a man peaks at age 20 years and that of a woman at age 40 years. Society influences our view of a healthy relationship. It is still a common belief that sexual activity is but a small part of a relationship, and while it is important, there are other facets of a relationship which provide far more longevity and emotional stability than merely sex.

Sexual dysfunction is also common, and these kinds of problems can lead to discrepant sexual desire between couples. They may possibly be caused by fatigue, illness, the use of drugs or alcohol or even psychological factors such as anxiety.

Public Policy

A healthy guideline is found in reflecting on whether a partner’s sexual behavior is compromising core values and beliefs held dear to the other’s heart. If so the issue needs to be addressed, as sexual behavior is not only a biological concern but a social concern.
Crime, sexually transmitted diseases, and our social responsibility for the care of children in the community have recently taken sexual behavior beyond the bedroom to the forum of society at large. It is now a matter of public policy.


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