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Signs of a Cheating Husband

The victim of infidelity is empowered by law which considers her an equal opposite her husband. From that foundation, this article focuses on pointing out some of the typical signs that resemble a relationship harmed by infidelity.

Equality in Marriage

Anthropologists tell us that families used to remain linked in a bond of kinship in order to pool resources in a time when food was scarce. But today, familial relations are not much more than a formality.

In law, a husband and wife are bound by a marriage contract, which is a legal document with rights and obligations attributed to both parties. One such obligation is to support each other.

A man cheating on his wife, apart from being a deplorable act of emotional abuse, is a clear breach of his obligation to support. Marriage is a legal contract and for this reason, infidelity is considered an appropriate reason for rescission.

Victims of infidelity, in times of low self esteem, may blame themselves for not filling their man's needs enough to prevent him from seeking out an affair. However, this is usually not the case. Men cheat on their wives for a variety of reasons, none of which are acceptable, but the majority of cases reveals that emotional needs are the reason, and infidelity is the by-product.

However, numerous cases of infidelity include a man who simply wants to satisfy a primal urge for sex, devoid of any moral ability to review his past and future actions and approve or disapprove of them.

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Take Notice

Key signs that a husband is cheating is an alteration to their sexual relationship or a marked increase in the time spent away from home. When he doesn’t reply your phone calls in a timely manner, or when his mobile bills are seen to be accelerating upward, investigating these situations may be how to catch a cheating husband.

Signs of a cheating husband may also include the sudden use of a phone card, a new email account, or even the mileage on his car being unusually high without justification.
Another sign that your husband is cheating may lie in the fact that small courtesies such as opening the car door, or a relaxed chat in the evening no longer occur.

Often men take their marriage for granted, assuming that any behavior on their part will be tolerated. This alone may be another sign that your husband is cheating.

Catching a cheating husband is difficult. The man has betrayed the trust of his wife, and to hear her husband tell her that he doesn’t love her anymore, or that he needs privacy or even that he needs to “figure out his feelings”, is an almost unbearable burden.

The victim of infidelity needs to reinforce the simple fact that marriage, in the eyes of the law, is a contract made at arm’s length, on equal footing, and both parties are considered equals.


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