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Statistics on Men Cheating

Generally speaking, the statistics on cheating men reveal an inclination by men to follow what some call their more rudimentary nature. But statistics also reveal that sex is actually not the entire reason for infidelity.

How Many Men Cheat?

An astonishing 70% of adultery victims are women. A survey taken by MSNBC revealed that 28% of married men have had cheated on their partner. Of these cheaters only 2% of cheaters have been caught by their partners, with 60% believing they totally got away undetected by their spouse. Only 6% of cheating men actually came forth to confess their misdeed.

Nearly 50% of men admit to being unfaithful at some time in their lives.

What Are Men Thinking When They Cheat

Despite these condemning statistics, a journey into the male psyche is useful to fully appreciate the motivation involved when infidelity takes place.

Apart from the fact that 74% of men would rather feel unloved than inadequate, in another survey, talking to or receiving communication from an ex partner regularly, was considered cheating by 45% of men, but only 32% admit they had cheated. Surprisingly, 50% of men believe that cheating has ruined at least one past relationship.

When asked if their relationships were happy, 56% of cheating men actually felt that was the case, with 62% of cheaters admitting that they cheated with someone from their place of work.

Of the wives that have endured infidelity, 64% of them have been able to save their marriage after the affair came to light.

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Are there some men who don’t cheat?

The presence of children does little to quench the thirst of a cheating man, as 9% of men with children under the age of 2 years old commit infidelity, and 16% of men with kids between 2 years and 5 years have affairs.

Indicative of the mindset of men toward infidelity is the fact that 74% of men state that they would be unfulfilled if their wife offered them all the sex they desired, but did so under sufferance. So it appears true that unfaithfulness has nothing to do with sex but an emotional satisfaction.

Men with money are clearly comfortable with deceit. Those earning over US $300,000 per annum, 32% are cheaters, with only 21% of men earning less than $35,000 per year being unfaithful.

Modern technology has perpetuated the art of infidelity, with the mobile phone being the preferred method of facilitating the deception, and interestingly 33% of men remove their wedding rings when they go out in their wives absence.

To be able to place infidelity in the context of age group, it appears that 13% of cheaters are between the ages of 18 and 29 years old, compared to 21% being between 40 and 49 years old. As a person gets older the propensity for infidelity retracts with only 8% of those over 70 years old having extra marital relations.


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