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What To Do If You Feel Your Man is Cheating

A clutter of thoughts and confusion occupies the mind of a cheated partner. Anger, frustration, regret and deep sadness invade her every waking moment. Still with the methodical and intuitively reasoned approach to life that women are renown for, the victim of infidelity can maneuver the treacherous highway of gathering evidence to verify her concerns and calm the anxiety she feels at every breath.

The Rollercoaster

Emotions run high when the threat of infidelity rears its ugly head. Often people say and do things that they will later regret. This being the case, a calm approach is crucial in order to resolve the situation. Gathering evidence to support the existence of infidelity is the first and most important step of the process to resolution.

Much of this can be learned online, but care needs to be taken. It would be most unfortunate for the innocent man to find his spouse, clad with rubber gloves and a torch attached to her head, using sodium phosphate and napthylic acid, to detect semen on the crotch of his underwear.


Other methods of gathering evidence include journalizing a record of any strange phone calls in which he insists on privacy in order to talk. Other things to document include any trends in his behavior that lend themselves to suspicion, changes within his car, and the contents of his pockets. His communication with you and also the attitude of his friends are also worthy of documenting. Following him unnoticed, while a challenging feat, may reveal precious information. The most telling of all indicators is his overall conduct toward and with his innocent spouse.

After the suspecting partner is convinced by substantiated evidence that infidelity has in fact occurred, a decision remains whether to attempt resolution of the problem or to end the relationship.

A large consideration is the presence of children that may innocently be at risk of the consequences of infidelity. Their protection should be valued as a top priority.

If physical violence is even remotely related to the relationship, caution and self protection need to be observed before confronting a cheating man. Seek legal advice if the choice is made to terminate the relationship.

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Usually men will lie blatantly when first confronted with an accusation of cheating. Victims of infidelity would be wise to empower themselves with the support of close family or friends. Delivering an ultimatum is an effective way to seize power from the man in a time of confrontation.

Historically, men have felt that the paternity of their children is under threat if their spouse was found guilty of infraction within the marriage. Yet since all women are certain as to the maternity of their children, they are more likely to forgive a cheating man if the transgression involved no emotional intimacy.

The victim of this kind of betrayal is best advised that it is quite natural to feel strong emotions initially, but equally healthy to endure a period of physical and emotional detachment from the relationship. This ultimately culminates in a period of trust building in the event of the couple wanting to repair and recover the damage that has been done.


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