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Why Men Commit Internet Infidelity

The prevalence of internet infidelity is yet increasing at an alarming rate as cheating men lay victim to a seemingly irresistible addiction of cybersex. Commerce is indeed the true winner on the day, with many corporations joining the race for online revenue that appears to know no bounds.

Profit at the expense of families

Companies have to devote five years to find out if the internet is an opportunity for them or not. In fact, there are 72,000 adult sites on the net with 266 new porn sites emerging each day. These generate $1 billion in revenue each year.

While such an enormous boon to the machinations of society, the internet provides so many men with the opportunity for their imaginations to commit transgression in their relationships, and while 50% of men believe that this is not actually infidelity , one former President of the United States eloquently confessed that it was possible to commit adultery of the heart, when a man looks upon a woman with lust.

Some suggest that what is relevant is the emotional connection made by the cheating man with his electronic partners. Others are of the opinion akin to 50% of men, that internet relationships are not the same as an affair in real life. Indeed, half of men regard internet infidelity as far less harmful. It is claimed that if internet use causes man to cheat, that it is due to other reasons such as the emotional needs of men not being met.

Families and relationships are being broken down by cheating men turning to the anonymous strangers in online chat rooms and pornography. Ten percent of internet users become addicted to this revolutionary cybersex, with its affordability, portability and accessibility. One third of divorce cases are caused by internet infidelity.


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Lured into the spider's web

Statistics reveal that 50% of people engaged in internet chat rooms have made phone contact with someone they have met online, and that 30% of online affairs start with emails, then develop to phone contact and finally to personal contact, and 31% of online chats led to real life sex.

One of the novel features of internet communication is that none of the inflections and nuances of human communication are present. The risk with this type of communication lays squarely on the fact that the conventions of human behavior are not able to be observed, and only incomplete signals are ever exchanged.

If a man is suspected of internet infidelity, his partner needs to confront him with her concerns, even to the point of surprising him at his computer and verifying the sites he has visited. To assist a concerned partner, computer monitoring software is available. This technology is invisible when running and will record emails, websites, and chat room conversations.

Like a black widow spider; cybersex on the World Wide Web can devour a man’s life after mating.


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